Monday, November 29, 2010


I would like to discuss idea becuase it is somthing that audience want to rhetorically question me 'WHY?'. It is one of the intention to interest audience toward the artwork and then to the artist.

I did not accidentally come up with this idea but it came from my experience, around my own world which is directly linked to one of the frames - SUBJECTIVE that my artwork would be analysised through. It is about my relative (friend) being diagnosed Leukaemia and passed away with it and I am depicting this personal, emotive qualities using the elements and principles to convey feelings, personal responses or imaginings to the audience.

Signs and symbols used in my artwork would include the white cells known as deadly cells which link to the issues of death and invasion of human body. The style and the concept of postmodernism is employed in my work for example, the Pop Arts element is used by posterising the colours, using similar techniques used by the famous pop artist Andy Warhol and David Hockney which all link to STRUCTURAL frame.

All the elements above are considered the conceptual framework - PEOPLE, ARTIST, WORKS, and the WORLD.

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