Monday, April 25, 2011


Audience may find it (my BOW) not entertain, not interested, therefore it requires more meaningful elements to attract audience. The design of the artwork will stay the same. To attract people, the artwork need a surprise. A REVERSAL. Since my artwork contains an element of irony (where i represent a thing as the opposite of what it actually is), i can develop it further into a bigger context.

The current idea is the following:

1) The image shows a movement(flow) of cells INSIDE the blood vessel.
2) The image represents and records the deteriorating condition of human where white cells invade
    the red cells.
3) I am intending to draw this image WITHOUT communicating the fact that the images captures
    the disaster (the invasion of white cells) however i am intending to represent the image in an
    attractive bright design through wide choices of colours.
4) The truth would reveal through the title (given name) of the artwork 'invasion' creating an
    amusement to audience.

The possible changes would include following:

1) My artwork require more interests therefore i ended up adding an element of surprise, a reversal.
    So, canvas #1 would be the exact same as the above. (the current idea)
2) However i am adding an extra canvas which is the change. The image it contains would connect
    to the canvas #1 and also contains similar idea but the OPPOSITE. This means, instead of  
    representing the deteriorating condition in the bright design which is done on the canvas #1, I will
    represent the recovering condition in dull and dark design on the canvas #2. (if confused please look
    at the next upload that gives a visual sight of the artwork.)

                   WIDER IRONY
                             GOOD AS BAD
                                       BAD AS GOOD

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